“Candidate Interview” My first INTERVIEW!!!!!!


Today I was in a topic that everyone has passed before,

“The Interview”there was lots of questions that I didn´t know so I had to  improvise a little bit.The interview was about opinionsof teaching so I was nervousThen I was answering all the questions triying to think about “how to explain myself” but at the end of the interview all was perfectly answered

And one of the questions was

Why do you want to be an English Teacher?  I answered that I wanted to be an English teacher because of the money that you earn teaching students.

So that was my experience in an interview, tell me how was your experience in a interview

that´s all guys  bye!!


Hello! Everyone can learn!!!


What`s up guys!!!!,

Today is gonna be my very first post, so im just introducing me like a studentyou will see me posting everytime, so its justpracticing to be a good teacher.

today im going to talk about  why  im  studying for th tkt Exam here are my reasons

1.Proof my English level

2.Be a  good teacher

3.Making money